About us

About us Group Of Tutors
About Us Group Of Tutors

Group Of Tutors is a common platform for teachers and students. We provide notes, guidance, and home tutors. Students can find tutors from our website and teachers can work with us by simply registering here.

The traditional teaching system or offline teaching system has always been parents’ and students’ priority. And we also have contributed to that. Now, we want to revolutionize the educational sector. And want to reach out to the maximum of students by providing online material, class notes, guidance, and much more.

Our vision at Group Of Tutors will always be to reimagine and evolve the way teaching and learning have been happening for decades. We provide quality home tutors, online support, engaging content, and career counseling. By this, we are able to create a superior learning platform for our students.

Teaching and learning styles are set to transform at a rapid pace. And our mission at Group Of Tutors is to accelerate these transformations. Hence, our team of experts will always be researching the theories to bring about a change in the educational sector.

You can download B.Ed files, notes, previous year papers, and much more from our website. This material is for educational purposes. We have also started a segment for CTET aspirants who can get benefited from the notes and theories provided by us. Our services will always be free.

Who we are?

Group Of Tutors is a tutoring platform that enables students to learn with the best teachers. Our USP is our team of CTET, NET qualified and experienced teachers.

We all work day and night to bring useful material for you. Our team has specializations on different streams and we all discuss the content before uploading it to our website. We try to create notes in bullet points and it is the reason that all the visitors to our website learn more efficiently.

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