Family As A Social Institution

Family As A Social Institution
Family As A Social Institution Notes

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Family is one of the main socializing institutions of society. Other social institutions are religion, the economy of a country, law, and the interrelationship of these institutions. These social institutions meet basic needs and serve to reproduce patterns of behavior.

Among all family is one of the most influential institutions in socialization. This is the process through which people learn many things like norms, values, respect, beliefs, and culture.

This is the reason why the family is called the cradle of social virtues. We as a child learn our first lesson in cooperation, tolerance, love, self-sacrifice, and affection from the family itself.

The whole environment of a family influences a child’s overall growth. According to many psychologists, a person is something that he learns in a family.

All kinds of influences impact a child’s life. Bad influences in the family make the child learn bad things/habits whereas a good family makes children acquire good things/habits.

Importance of a Good Family

The importance of a family lies in bringing up the child to a full man or woman in the family atmosphere.

It is said that social institution is a complex set of interdependent social forces that meet basic needs and serve to replicate patterns of behavior.

As a social institution, family influences individuals but also communities and societies at large.

Definitions of family

The American Anthropologist defines family as a

“social group characterized by common residence, economic cooperation, and reproduction. It includes adults of both sexes, at least two of whom maintain a socially approved sexual relationship and one or more children adopted of the sexually cohabiting adults”.

According to Beirstead

“Family has functions for both the individual and society which are related to each other”.

According to Maclver

The family, almost without doubt/question, is the most important of any groups that human experiences offer. The family is always with us or more precisely, we are with it.

According to Burgess and Locke

Family is a group of persons, whose relations to one other are based upon consanguinity and who are kin to one other.

N. M. Nimkoff said

Family is the biological social unit including husband, wife and their children.

Functions of a Family as a Social Institution

According to some socialists, family plays an important role and considered the backbone of society. It performs the following functions:

1. Biological and Psychological Functions

these functions can be describe as:

  • Reproducing new young ones.
  • Provision of basic needs for the family, like food, housing, and clothing, etc.
  • Giving love and affection to the kids which boost their morale.
  • Providing internal and external security to each other.
  • Providing safe shelter to the children.

2. Satisfaction of sexual needs

This is the essential functional in family regulation.

3. Enough potential and care is essential

4. Economic and Social Functions-

  • Proper income
  • Status establishment in society
  • Chance of socialization
  • Social control from rules and regulations
  • Health care
  • Imparting basic education to children

5. Cultural, Religious and Recreational Functions

Children have basic knowledge about religion from family. All sorts of indoor and outdoor activities for entertainment is needed for a child’s personality development.

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