4 Types Of Parenting Styles

Types Of Parenting Styles
Parenting Styles

We are here with another useful article on 4 Types Of Parenting Styles. In this article, we will be answering questions like, what is parenting? what are different parenting styles?

At the end of this article, you will have a strong idea about the term parenting and its types.

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The term parenting style in psychology means the practice adopted by the parents to rear their children.

In other words, Parenting or rearing is the practice of rearing the children for their personality development by their parents.

Parenting is a practice where parents adopt different styles for rearing their child’s overall personality development.

The style adopted by the parents in the rearing is unique and has different factors.

Parenting is very important for children to help and guide them in their growth and development.

These styles adopted by parents for rearing their child are quite unique in nature and highly determined factors like-

  • Influence of one’s own parents and culture
  • The temperament of the child
  • Temperament of parents
  • The environment in which they have to rear.

Types of Parenting styles:

The parents may adopt one or another type of parenting style to rear their child and to help their children in their growth and development.

According to Diana Baumrind, there are basically 4 types of parenting styles.

Different parenting styles and their influence on the development of children from childhood to adolescence are as follows-

  1. Authoritative parenting style
  2. Authoritarian parenting style.
  3. Indulgent parenting style
  4. Neglectful parenting style

1. Authoritative parenting style

In this type of parenting style, there is a proper positive integration of elements responsiveness and demanding. The main characteristics of such parenting styles are:


Parents try to understand the feelings of children and teach them how to regulate them. Parents maintain a desired and positive integration with children.

The parents help their children in solving their problems.

Parents in this kind of parenting style are child-centered and they care for nurturing the needs, demands, wishes, etc. of the child.

Parents give the child freedom to explore and express themselves.


Parents set limits and expectations before their children for their growth and development. They expect maturity in the behavior of their children.

They also monitor the activities of their children positively.

Parents remain responsible for fulfilling the demands of their children

Effects on development of the child:

It provides due encouragement for the children to grow and develop their capacities. The children are forced to be more responsible in nature.

The child in this parenting style are quite sincere and disciplined. Proper freedom and opportunities are provided.

High self-esteem and confidence will also be noticed in children reared under this parenting style.

There are fewer chances for the child of getting distracted or get out of track from his goal. The child is quite self-satisfied in fulfilling his basic needs.

2. Authoritarian parenting style

In this type of parenting style, the parents are more demanding and less responsive in nature. The main characteristics of such a parenting style are:

Parents believe in dictatorship and imposing strict control over their children. This type of parenting style is highly rigid, non-flexible, and restrictive in nature.

It will not be wrong to call this type of parenting style as “high expectations of conformity”

Parents are too selfish sometimes to think only about their own interests and ambitions and force their children to be what they want.

In this style, parents expect their children to follow their directions without knowing their willingness.

They impose their own rules on their children without thinking about the wishes, demands, demands, and expectations of their children.

In this kind of parenting style, parents turn a deaf ear to a child’s needs and desires.

There is no freedom to explore and express in this type of parenting style.

Effects/influence on the development

The child has no option to take his own decision to solve the problems he faces in his life. It provides due discouragement for children to grow and develop their expectations.

Lack of “problem-solving attitude” will be found in the child reared under this kind of parenting style.

You can notice low self-esteem and low confidence in these children.

The child’s intellectual and social development suffers a set back as they are denied the essential opportunities that come their way.

The child is socially and emotionally under development and the child is found to be dependent on others for even his basic needs.

No self-satisfaction of the child in terms of his wishes and expectations.

The child does not acquire social skills in this kind of style.

3. Indulgent parenting style

In this kind of parenting style, the parents are responsive but not demanding. The main characteristics of such parenting style are:

In this type of parenting style, the parents are highly responsible and least demanding.

Parents are too much attached to their child and they show responsiveness in fulfilling the desires and needs of their child.

They provide affection and over-protect their child. Parents are highly involved and attached to their child’s life.

They do not form rules to be followed by their child for food behavior. Parents often blindly fulfill the demands of their child without having assertive thoughts.

They expect quite low in terms of their accountability towards their children.

Effects/influence on development:

The children are less responsible for their future. A child reared under this parenting style can never learn to control his own behavior.

The child starts to take everything for granted.

In this style of parenting, the child is found to be dependent on things for his duties. There are high chances of the child being distracted from his goals.

The child develops negative or bad habits and spoils their future and the child found to be less socially and emotionally developed.

They grow as a more impulsive, irresponsible, and immature child.

4. Neglectful parenting style

In this type of parenting style, the parents are neither responsible nor demanding in nature. The main characteristics of such parenting styles are-

Parents who adopt this parenting style do not show any involvement in their children’s lives. They are useless, unattached, and irresponsible for meeting the demands of their child.

Parents are not demanding and do not have any expectations from their children.

Parents have a lack of affection for their children and do not give time to their children. They don’t look after the overall development of their child.

They don’t care about their child’s wishes, demands, aspirations, etc.

There is no place for children’s opinions, emotions, feelings, desires, and wishes.

In this kind of parenting style, parents do not earn any respect or liking from their children.

Effects or influences on development:

The child is found to be socially-undeveloped.

In this type of parenting style, parents are unable to fulfill the children’s social and psychological needs.

The child will emotionally be starved and the child may have negative habits for life.

There are high chances of the child to get onto the wrong track and develop bad habits.

The child has no emotional relationship with anyone.


Parenting is a practice of rearing the children in order to help and guide them for their growth and development, adjustments in their lives.

There are different parenting styles that determine the parenting of the child and among them, the Authoritative parenting style is found to be the best.

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