Inquiry Training Model Science

Inquiry Training Model Science
Inquiry Training Model Science

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The inquiry training model

The inquiry model was developed by J.R. Suchman. This model is used to give inquiry training to the students. It is also used to develop inquiry skills among the students. The development of inquiry skills greatly needs individuals’ attention.

The inquiry is carried out at the individual level or at a group level inside the classroom, and it gives the learners opportunities of expressing, thinking, and speaking,

Objectives and specification

(A) Knowledge

The knowledge is seemed to be tentative. Under this model, more emphasis is on self-learning. The students also learn better when they participate in any kind of inquiry. Using inquiry training, new skills can be taught directly and added to pupils’ existing experiences.

If no one answers or takes part in the inquiry training, we can always explain again and solve most problems providing several possible explanations.

(2) Understanding

It is used to check the understanding level of the students.

(3) Application

Students give answers based on the topic inquiry is being done.

(4) Skills

Students are able to learn many things after the training model, and start experiments.

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