Adolescence Lesson Plan Class 8

Reaching the age of Adolescence Lesson Plan Class 8

Adolescence Lesson Plan Class 8th: As you know, lesson plans are detailed descriptions of the course of instructions or “learning trajectories” for teachers. Lesson plans are developed on a daily basis by teachers to guide class learning.

Details may vary depending on the preference of the teachers, the subject being covered, and the needs of the students.

Here we present Class 8th Biological Science Lesson Plans for teachers and B.Ed/B.El.Ed students. This Adolescence Lesson Plan Class 8th Science is beneficial for all the teachers and B.Ed/D.El.Ed aspirants from several universities like JAMIA, MDU, CRSU, DU, IGNOU, IPU, etc.

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Adolescence Lesson Plan Class 8

Adolescence Lesson Plan Class (MEGA LESSON PLAN)


P.T Name – Meenakshi Class – 8th
Subject – Science  Period – 7th
Sub Subject – Biological ScienceTime duration – 40 min
Topic – Reaching the age of AdolescenceDate– 06 September, 2023
Place – P##da International School, Delhi

2. Content Analysis (Reproduction In Animals Lesson Plan)

1. Adolescence and Puberty,

2. Changes in boys and girls,

3. Sex determination

4. Hormones.

3. GENERAL OBJECTIVES (Reproduction In Animals Lesson Plan)

1. To inculcate a scientific attitude in biological sciences among students.

2. To develop technical and instrumental approaches to solve problems.

3. To create interest among students in biological sciences.

4. To develop observation power among students.

5. To develop analytical and critical reasoning among students.


Cognitive Domain: To enable students to classify the changes in Males and Females.

Affective Domain: To enable students to describe Sex Hormones.

Psychomotor Domain: To enable the students to draw the structure of Sex Organs.


1. Lecture Method

2. Demonstration Method

3. Discussion Method

4. Inductive and

5. Deductive Method


1. Skill of Explaining

2. Skill of Stimulus Variation

3. Skill of Illustration with Example


General aid

Textbook, chalk, duster, pointer, blackboard/chalkboard

Specific aid

  • Charts showing the Sex Determination Process,
  • Flashcards showing Hormonal Changes in Puberty
  • Roller board.

8. PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE ASSUMED (Regarding Reproduction In Animals Lesson Plan)

P.T. will assume that Students have some knowledge about Reproduction.


P.T will ask questions-

Q.1What do you mean by reproduction?Ans.1– It is a process by which organisms produce their young ones.
Q.2How do organisms Reproduce?Ans.2- Organisms reproduce by the following two methods:
1. .Sexual Reproduction
2. Asexual Reproduction
Q.3Is there any specific age when a human is able to reproduce?Ans.3– Yes ma’am, it starts at 12 or 13 years of age.
Q.4Are there any noticeable changes during this age?Ans.4– Yes ma’am, there are so many changes in both males and females like changes in voice, body structure, etc.
Q.5– What are the names of these stages?Ans.5– No Response.


Well, students! Today we are going to study an interesting topic, “Reaching The Age of Adolescence”.

11. PRESENTATION OF THE TOPIC (Adolescence Lesson Plan Class 8)

Here is the presentation:

Page 1:

Adolescence Lesson Plan Class 8

Page 2:

Adolescence Lesson Plan Class 8

Pg 3:

Adolescence Lesson Plan Class 8

Page 4:

B.Ed Lesson Plans by Group Of Tutors

Page 6:

Bio Lesson Plans for Class 8


Well students, today we have learned about Adolescence, changes during puberty, secondary sexual characters, hormones, and sex determination process, etc.


The pupil-teacher evaluates the students by asking some questions:

1. What do you mean by adolescence?

2. What do you mean by Puberty?

3. What is the difference between secondary sexual characters in boys and girls?

State right (✔) or wrong (✘)

  1. Reproductive age in women starts when their menstruation starts (    )
  2. The right meal for adolescents consists of chips, noodles, and coke (    )
  3. 23 pairs of chromosomes are present in human beings (    )
  4. At the age of 30 menstrual cycle stops (    )


  • Write a short note on Sex Determination in humans.
  • Tabulate the difference between secondary sexual characters in boys and girls.
  • Write a short note about the menstruation cycle.
  • List changes in the body that take place during puberty.

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