Angles Lesson Plan Class 7 Mathematics

Angles Lesson Plan Class 7 Mathematics for B.Ed Group Of Tutors

Angles Lesson Plan Class 7 B.Ed 2022: As you know, lesson plans are detailed descriptions of the course of instructions or “learning trajectories” for teachers. Lesson plans are developed daily by teachers to guide class learning.

Details may vary depending on the preference of the teachers, the subject being covered, and the needs of the students.

Here we present the Angles Lesson Plan for Class 7 Mathematics. It is useful for teachers and B.Ed/B.El.Ed students. This Mathematics Final Lesson Plan is beneficial for all the teachers and B.Ed/D.El.Ed aspirants from several universities like JAMIA, MDU, CRSU, DU, IGNOU, IPU, etc.

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We have provided a final lesson plan format, which will help you in understanding the pattern of the lesson plans and also the content, and headings you need to add to your lesson plans.

Angles Lesson Plan Class 7 Mathematics

Angles Lesson Plan Class 7 Maths


P.T Name – XYZ    Class – 7th
Subject – MathematicsPeriod – 8th
Sub Subject – GeometryTime duration – 40 min
TopicAnglesDate– 10 October 2022
Sub-Topic: Types of AnglesPlace – ABC School, Delhi

2. Content Analysis (Angles Lesson Plan Class 7)

1. Definition of Angles.

2. Types of angles

  • Acute angle
  • Right Angle
  • Obtuse Angle
  • Straight Angle
  • Reflex Angle

3. GENERAL OBJECTIVES/AIMS (Mathematics Final Lesson)

After this lesson, the students will be able to:

1. Enhance their reasoning power through a clear process of observation and inference.

2. Think critically and develop application skills to examine mathematical figures,

3. Use and manipulate the appropriate skills to solve any mathematical problem.

4. To develop observation power among them.


Knowledge Objective:

1. The students will be able to explain the basics of the angles.

2. Pipil will be able to tell about the types of angles.

Understanding Objectives:

1. The students will be able to classify different types of angles.

2. Pupils will be able to measure the degrees of the angles.

Application Objectives:

1. The students will be able to apply the concept of angles to day-to-day life.

Skills Objectives:

1. Pupils will be able to draw different types of angles.

2. Pupils will be able to compare the angles.


General aid

Textbook, chalk, duster, pointer, blackboard/chalkboard

8. PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE ASSUMED (Angles Lesson Plan Class 7)

P.T will assume that based on their previous classes, students have knowledge about-

  1. Lines,
  2. Rays,
  3. Vertices,
  4. Arms of the angles,
  5. Adjacent Angles, and
  6. Adjacent sides.


P.T enters the class and wishes ‘Good Morning’ to students and starts asking a few questions based on what was taught in the previous classes-

Q.1What do you understand by a point?Ans.1– It is a fixed dot have a position.
Q.2Okay, if two points are connected, what is formed?Ans.2- A line segment.
Q.4– How many endpoints a line segment has?Ans.3– A line segment has a fixed distance but a line goes to infinity.
Q.5- What if a line has only one endpoint?Ans.4– Two endpoints
Q.5- What if a line has only one end point?Ans.5- It is called a ray.
Q.6- What do we call a point where two rays meet?Ans.6- A vertex.
Q.7- What do we call the space between the rays?Ans.7- Angle.
Q.8- Can anyone tell me the types of angles?Ans.8- No Response.


Well, students! Today we are going to study an interesting topic, Angles and their Types”.

11. PRESENTATION OF THE TOPIC (Angles Lesson Plan)

Here is the presentation:

Lesson Plan 1 (Pedagogy Mathematics Angles Lesson Plan)-

Page 1. Introduction with Specific Objectives-

Teaching PointsAngles
Two rays with a common endpoint form an angle.
Pupil’s ActivityBlackboard Work
P.T. Explains the topic by writing it on the board and explaining it.P.T. Explains the topic by writing it on the board and explains it.Students note down in their notebooks.Picture
Angles Lesson Plan Class 7 Mathematics for B.Ed Group Of Tutors

Page 2

Angles Lesson Plan Class 7 Mathematics for B.Ed Group Of Tutors

Page 3

Mathematics Lesson Plans for B.Ed by Group Of Tutors


1. Classify the angles in the appropriate category and write their names-

  1. 90°
  2. 180°
  3. 98°
  4. 210°

2. Define the term angle.

3. What is the difference between acute, obtuse, and right angles?


Q1. What is the measure of the angle found between the floor and the wall?

Q2. Define the opening of two angles.

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