INDIA Size And Location SST Lesson Plan B.Ed

INDIA Size And Location SST Lesson Plan B.Ed

INDIA Size And Location Lesson Plan: As you know, lesson plans are detailed descriptions of the course of instructions or “learning trajectories” for teachers. Lesson plans are developed on a daily basis by teachers to guide class learning.

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Here we present Social Science Lesson Plans for teachers and B.Ed/B.El.Ed students. This INDIA Size And Location Lesson Plan is beneficial for all the teachers and B.Ed/D.El.Ed aspirants from several universities like JAMIA, MDU, CRSU, DU, IGNOU, IPU, etc.

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INDIA Size And Location Lesson Plan

INDIA Size And Location Lesson Plan (MEGA LESSON PLAN)


P.T Name – XYZ    Class – 9th
Subject – Social science  Period – 5th
Sub Subject – GeographyTime duration – 40 min
Topic – INDIA Size And LocationDate- 4 April, 2022
Place – ABC School, Delhi

2. Content Analysis (INDIA Size And Location)

1. Location

2. Size

3. India’s Neighbour


1. To inculcate a Concerning attitude in Social Science among students.

2. To create an interest among students in Social Science.

3. To develop interest about the Location and size of India.


Knowledge Objectives:

1. To enable students to recall the meaning of Longitudinal extent.

2. To enable the students to define the term Northern Hemisphere.

Understanding Objectives:

1. To enable students to distinguish Northern and Southern hemisphere..

2. To enable Students to discuss Location of India.

Application Objectives:

1. To enable the students to find out longitudinal and latitudinal extent of your state.

2. To enable students to collect information about silk route.            


1. Lecture Method

2. Discussion Method

3. Inductive and Deductive Method


1. Skill of Explaining

2. Skill of Stimulus Variation

3. Skill of Illustration with Example


General aid

Text book, chalk, duster, pointer, black board / chalk board

Specific aid

  • Charts
  • Flash cards
  • Roller board.


P.T will assume that Students have some knowledge about our country INDIA.


P.T will ask questions-

Q.1– Which is the largest lake?Ans.1– Caspian Sea
Q.2– Generally the warm ocean currents originate near……..?Ans.2– Equator
Q.3– Strong seismic waves are known as………..?Ans.3– Tsunami
Q.4– Do you know which point of Southernmost Indian Union
got submerged under seawater during the tsunami……..?
Ans.4– No Response.


Well students! Today we will learn more about, “INDIA- SIZE AND LOCATION”.

Subject MatterPupil Teacher’s ActivityPupil ActivitiesTeaching Aids
INTRODUCTIONP.T Will start the presentation and introduce the chapter.Pupil will listen carefully

India is lying entirely in the Northern hemisphere, as shown in the figure below.

• The land extends between latitudes 8°4’N and 37°6’N and longitudes 68°7’E and 97°25’E.
• The Tropic of Cancer (23° 30’N) divides India into almost two equal parts.
P.T will tell about the location of the country by showing the chart.Students are watching carefully and showing interest towards the chapter.
India’s total area accounts for about 2.4% of the total geographical area of the world. Thus, it is the 7th largest country in the world, by its size.

• India has a land boundary of about 15,200 km.

• The total length of the coastline of the mainland is 7,516.6 km including Andaman and Nicobar and Lakshadweep.

• India is bounded by the mountains in the northwest, north and northeast. South of about 22° north latitude,

• Time along the Standard Meridian of India (82°30’E) passing through Mirzapur (in Uttar Pradesh) is taken as the standard time for India.

The map below shows the Extent of India and Standard Meridian.
P.T will tell about the size of countryStudents will note down each and every point and ask queries to the teacher.
India and the World

The Indian landmass has a central location between the East and West Asia. India is a southward extension of the Asian continent.

The trans-Indian Ocean routes connect the countries of Europe in the West and the countries of East Asia. No other country has as long a coastline on the Indian Ocean as India has.

India’s contacts with the World have continued through the ages. The spices, muslin and other merchandise were taken from India to different countries.

On the other hand, the influence of Greek sculpture, and the architectural styles of domes and minarets from West Asia can be seen in different parts of India.
Pupil teacher will dictate the content brieflyStudents will see the charts clearly and try to understand.
India’s Neighbours

India has 29 states and seven Union Territories. India shares its land boundaries with:

• Pakistan and Afghanistan in the northwest

• China (Tibet), Nepal and Bhutan in the north

• Myanmar and Bangladesh in the east

The southern neighbours across the sea consist of the two island countries, Sri Lanka and Maldives. India has had strong geographical and historical links with her neighbours.
P.T will tell about the neighbouring countries of INDIA.Students will note down the points
and then try to relate the points with the chart


Well students, today we have learnt about INDIA- Size and Location.


The pupil-teacher evaluates the students by asking some questions:

1. How many states have common frontiers with Nepal? Write their names.

2. Which island countries are our southern neighbours?

3. Name the countries which are larger than India?

4. Name the group of islands lying in Arabian Sea?


1. The Sun rises two hours earlier in Arunachal Pradesh as compared to Gujarat in the west but the watches show the same time. How does it happen?

2. The central location of India at the head of the Indian ocean is considered of great significance. Why?

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INDIA Size And Location SST Lesson Plan B.Ed Group Of Tutors Lesson Plans

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