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Digestive System Lesson Plan: As you know, lesson plans are detailed descriptions of the course of instructions or “learning trajectories” for teachers. Lesson plans are developed on a daily basis by teachers to guide class learning.

Details may vary depending on the preference of the teachers, the subject being covered, and the needs of the students.

Here we present the Class 10th Digestive System Lesson Plan for teachers and B.Ed/B.El.Ed students. This Digestive System Lesson Plan Class 10th Pedagogy Of Science Lesson Plan is beneficial for all the teachers and B.Ed/D.El.Ed aspirants from several universities like JAMIA, MDU, CRSU, DU, IGNOU, IPU, etc.

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Digestive System Lesson Plan

Digestive System Lesson Plan (MEGA LESSON PLAN)


P.T Name – XYZ    Class – 10th
Subject – SciencePeriod – 5th
Sub Subject – BiologyTime duration – 45 min
Topic – Digestive SystemDate- 23 September, 2022
Place – ABC School, Delhi

2. Content Analysis (Digestive System Lesson Plan)

1. Digestive System – Parts

2. Steps of Digestion

3. GENERAL OBJECTIVES (Digestive System Lesson Plan)

1. To develop the interest of the students in learning Science.

2. To inculcate the scientific attitude in the students towards Biological Science

3. To develop a technical and instrumental approaches to solve the problems.

4. To develop an understanding of reality so that they can apply it to their real life.


Cognitive Domain:

1. To enable students to know about how food travels in the body.

Affective Domain:

1. To enable students to describe different parts of the Digestive System.

Psychomotor Domain:

1. To enable students to prepare a model or chart of digestive system,


1. Lecture Method

2. Discussion Method

3. Inductive and Deductive Method

4. Demonstration Method


1. Skill of Explaining

2. Skill of Stimulus Variation

3. Skill of Illustration with Example


General aid

Text book, chalk, duster, pointer, black board / chalk board

Specific aid

  • Charts showing Digestive System
  • Flash cards showing Digestive System

8. PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE ASSUMED (Digestive System Lesson Plan)

P.T will assume that Students have some knowledge about nutrition and food requirements.


P.T will ask questions-

Q.1How do plants prepare their food?Ans.1– By Photosynthesis
Q.2Do animals prepare their food?Ans.2- No, they are dependent on Plants.
Q.3Alright, why do all living beings require food?Ans.3– For doing daily actiivities, for growth, and functioning of the body, ma’am.
Q.4How food is transported to all the parts of the body?Ans.4– Problematic Question.
Q 5. How food is digested in the body?Ans 5. Problematic Question.


Well students! Today we will learn more about, “Digestive System”.

11. PRESENTATION OF THE TOPIC (Digestive System Lesson Plan Biology)

Here is the presentation:

Page 1:

Digestive System Lesson Plan Biological Science by Group Of Tutors

Page 2:

Digestive System Lesson Plan Biological Science by Group Of Tutors

Pg 3:

Digestive System Lesson Plan Biological Science by Group Of Tutors

Page 4:

Pedagogy of Science Lesson Plans Bio by Group Of Tutors


Well students, today we have studied about Digestive System.


Answer the following question:

Q 1. What are villi? What is their location and function?

Q 2. Where is the bile produced? Which component of food it helps to digest?

Q 3. What do you mean by ingestion?

Q 4. Why do we get instant energy from glucose?

Q 5. Which part of the digestive canal is involved in:

  1. Absorption of food________
  2. Chewing of the food_____
  3. Killing of bacteria________
  4. Complete digestion of the food_____
  5. Formation of faeces_______

Q 6. Write the similarities between the nutrition in Amoeba and Human beings.

14. HOME WORK (Digestive System Lesson Plan Biology).

Q 1. Fill in the blanks:

  1. The main steps of nutrition in humans are_________, _________, ______, ______, and __________
  2. The largest gland in human body is_____________
  3. The stomach releases HCL and _______ juices.
  4. The inner wall of the small intestine has many fingers like outgrowths calles________

Q 2. Mark T if the statement is true and F if it is false:

a. Digestion of starch starts in the stomach. (T/F)

b. The tongue helps in mixing the food with saliva. (T/F)

c. The gall bladder temporarily stores bile. (T/F)

d. The ruminants bring back swallowed grass into their mouth and chew it for some time. (T/F)

Q 3. Very Short Answer Type Questions:

a) Write the name of process included in the digestion.

b) Write the functions of the liver.

Q 4. Long Answer Type Questions:

a) Write about absorption of food in small intestine.

b) Explain the process of digestion in humans.

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