Creating an Inclusive School Solved Paper

Creating an Inclusive School Solved Paper for B.Ed Group Of Tutors Paper 3 answers

Creating an Inclusive School Solved Paper 2023: As a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) student, you are no stranger to the pressure of preparing for exams. With so much to learn and remember, it can be overwhelming to revise all the topics covered in the course. However, there is one resource that can help you prepare for your exams effectively – solved papers.

We have provided a “Creating an Inclusive School Solved Paper” for the students pursuing teaching training courses. This solved paper has been a previous year’s question paper of MDU University, Haryana, and is beneficial for all the aspirants from the same field.

This “Creating an Inclusive School Solved Paper” is specifically designed to cover the curriculum of the course and provide a clear understanding of the exam pattern.

Creating an Inclusive School Solved Paper

Every child has the right to education and should be given enough opportunities to learn. This is why our country also focuses on providing educational opportunities for children with special needs.

Swami Vivekananda believed that if special children cannot go to school, then education should come to them. This subject named ‘Creating an Inclusive School’ talks about the rights of the disabled students and how they can be included.

Here is the solved paper:

B.Ed 2nd Year (2 Years) Examination, July 2022.


Time: Three Hours                  [Maximum Marks: 80]

Notice Title

1. Before answering the questions candidates should ensure that they have been supplied with the correct and complete question paper.
2. No Complaint in this regard will be entertained after examination.
3. Attempt five questions in all, selecting one question from each unit Q. No. 1 is compulsory.
All questions carry equal marks.

Q1. Write short notes on the following:                                                                 (4×4=16)

  1. Define Exceptionality and explain the characteristics and various types of disabilities. [ANSWER]
  2. Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI). [ANSWER]
  3. Define School Awareness and School Readiness. [ANSWER]
  4. Role of Human Resources in an Inclusive School. [ANSWER]


Q2. What is the meaning of Mentally Retardation? Discuss the main characteristics, causes, identification, care, and training of Mentally Retarded Children.  [ANSWER] [ANSWER in HINDI]


What is the meaning of Inclusive Education? Describe the different models of Inclusion. [ANSWER] (16)


Q3. What are the provisions made for education in National Policy for Persons with Disabilities, 2006 (NPPD) with reference to Inclusive Education? [ANSWER]


Give the educational provisions in the UN Convention on Rights to Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD), 2006. [ANSWER(16)


Q4. What are the Special Educational Needs (SEN) of children with disabilities in terms of their learning experience and learning style? [ANSWER]


Discuss the concept of Inclusive Education. What are the characteristics of an Inclusive and Effective School? [ANSWER] (16)


Q5. Describe the concept of Peer Tutoring as a Pedagogical Strategy to respond to the individual needs of learners in the classroom. [ANSWER]


Explain the role of parents and teachers in developing a positive relationship between school and home. [ANSWER(16)


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